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 ​The Boston Celtics (aka the Celtics) were an Irish soccer club based in London, UK. The team played home games in Hackney, East London throughout their history. Founded in 2009, the team competed in the Camden Sunday League (CSL) until 2012 and was the strongest franchise in that league, both competitively and financially – based largely around its backing Wayne Moriarty, which enabled it to sign internationally famous stars such as the Corrandulla centre half Gavin Lawless, Galwegian playmaker Byron Lawless, Clonmel playboy Aiden O'Brien and the West Galway sweeper Johnny Devenney. The acquisition of these foreign players, particularly Gavin Lawless, made the Celtics into what a drunk homeless man once called "the most glamorous team in world football", and contributed to the development of football across Hackney Marshes, where it had previously been largely ignored.

As the Celtics declined following Gavin's retirement, so did the CSL. Attendances fell, the league's television deal was lost and it finally folded in 2012. Although the Celtics attempted to operate as an independent team in the 7 a-side leagues, attendances were so low that the club withdrew without completing a season. The Celtics folded.

The Celtics name remained very well known, even after it stopped competing. Numerous attempts were made to revive it during the 2012 to no avail. 

A new Celtics team was formed in August 2013, by the group's honorary president and captain, Gavin Lawless.
​They fought and battled their way to promotion out of the bottom tier of The Hackney and Leyton Sunday Football League with an indifferent season which included a semi final appearance in the Hackney and Leyton Junior cup.
2014 wasn't such a good year for the Celtics. troubled by injuries and major absentees, they struggled to get enough players showing up every week. Early cup exits and defeats to teams who they would usually turn over led to a drop
in confidence and flaring tempers. A mediocre mid table finish was to follow...
The summer of 2015 was to be a turning point in the fortunes of the Boston Celtics. Big investment was injected from the Middle East - Sparking a new sponsorship deal, launch of a club website, an influx of new and exciting players and a brighter attitude!

2016 saw the club lift the 1st league title in the clubs history! After a gruelling season of injuries, absences and makeshift teams, we managed to win the league by two points from our rivals Regents Park Rovers and capture
​the title along with promotion to division two.

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